Antique Cream Jade Dragon Graces Necklace of Onyx, Crystal & Gold

SKU: 1956
    • An antique, calcified, nephrite jade pendant (7 cm x 2.5 cm x 5.9 mm deep) of a pair of etched dragons, reminiscent of a medieval letter, with swirls and curlicues;
    • The dragon represents the Emperor, his dominance and yet gentle playfulness; It also signifies the universal source of energy or “chi”;
    • Mat onyx 4 mm beads support the pendant;
    • This is a necklace of many parts:
    • A pair of brushed gold on silver globe beads from India (11.5 mm);
    • Antique, carved, rock crystal beads from Afghanistan (14.9 mm x 25 mm);
    • Mat onyx cubes (12 mm);
    • Cylinders of natural cream bamboo coral (14 mm x 23.5 mm);
    • Brushed gold plated silver discs (13.8 mm) pair around more rock crystal;
    • Long, open-worked barrel cylinders of onyx (12.8 x 30.9 mm);
    • Vermeil toggle clasp;
    • Length 48 cm (19") with 7.5 cm(3")  pendant drop.