Art Nouveau Silver Embraces Golden Amber in Stunning Necklace

SKU: 2158
    • Art Nouveau is all about the organic, the living, winding, growing activity of the natural world. The sterling silver of this antique Art Nouveau pendant, positively undulates around warm, golden amber. The organic shape of the amber is matched by the organic shape of the silver, which bursts out into leaves and vines. The silver is marked 925, which indicates that it was European in origin. It seems more Belgian or Austrian in style, where Art Nouveau took flight. It dates to around 1890-1910 and measures 6cm (2.5”) long, 4cm (1.5”) wide and 11mm deep. The amber itself is a lustrous chunk, with lovely markings. Its colour is often described as “egg yolk amber”. But this piece of amber is of exceptional quality. Clearly it had to equal the quality of the Art Nouveau silversmith creating this pendant.

    • The necklace itself begins in the centre, above the pendant, with the wonderful, handmade, woven sterling silver cubes (15mm), made by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand. These are now rare beads because they require a lot of skill and time to create. Not many artisans are willing to spend that much effort for a small bead. Karen hill tribe Fair Trade silver is made of nearly 98% pure silver. I mostly choose to use their silver because each piece is like a miniature bit of sculpture, individually crafted and created.

    • The design continues with unpolished, mat onyx beads (25mm) which contrast with the vintage handmade golden resin cylinders from Tibet (15mm x 18mm).

    • Hand patterned, vintage, agate Tibetan beads (22mm) are flanked by sterling silver discs (16mm).

    • More sterling silver beads (19mm), also made by the Karen tribes, enliven cubes of mat onyx (12mm).

    • The design ends with handmade, etched, South Korean rhodium silver barrels (11mm).

    • A sterling silver, handmade toggle clasp, has been used because toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp.

    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

    • The necklace is 43cm (17”) long with a 6cm (2.25”) pendant drop.