Chunky Lapis Necklace of Blues with Glass, Brass & Wood

SKU: 1720
    • Antique carved wood from Nepal, that has been partially decorated in gold leaf (25 mm). Flanked by vintage Chinese brass coins (25 mm).
    • Two hand blown glass beads (27 mm), made by the master glass blower in Venice, Moulaye Niang. Originally from Senegal, Moulaye was trained in Murano and became a highly collected artist, known as “Il muanenro” developing complex techniques in glass blowing
    • Two natural lapis discs (22.7 mm) sit next to Tibetan repoussé brass beads (24 mm)
    • Two natural lapis beads (20 mm) and two lapis slim discs (18 mm)
    • Two, sky-blue lace agate beads (20 mm)
    • Two lapis beads (16 mm) have been incised with gold dragons, the symbol of the Emperor and his power; But living on the same necklace as Tibetan and Nepalese beads, the dragon’s other symbol, that of the universal source of energy, is important.
    • Knotted silk/polyester cord with the traditional Chinese “flat knot” as well as the “button knot”
    • Vermeil toggle clasp is used as it is secure and easy to use; name label is attached at the clasp.
    • Length 47 cm ((18 1/2")