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Rare Antique Jade Flower on Chalcedony, Jade & Gold Necklace

SKU: 1731
    • Rare antique (circa 1830 ) celadon and tan nephrite jade pendant in the form of a chrysanthemum (5 cm x 2 mm deep)
    • The chrysanthemum is an emblem of autumn and joviality
    • This was probably a button type decoration, sewn onto a silk robe or hat
    • Vintage, carved celadon nephrite jade barrels and cylinders (2 cm)
    • Faceted, mint tone heat -treated chalcedony stones (3 cm)
    • Jade beads
    • Vintage, handmade (now rare) Afghan etched beads in 18 ct gold on silver on hardened resin, an ancient technique learned from the craftsmen of Alexander the Great; (12 mm and 8 mm beads)
    • Vermeil cylinders from India (10 mm)
    • 14 ct gold toggle clasp, both easy to use and secure; my silver name label is attached at the clasp
    • Length 46.5 cm (18 1/2") long with 5 cm (2") pendant drop


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