Tan Silk Band Necklace with Tan Jade Disc, Brass Jade & Gold

SKU: 2028
    • Of course, this is meant to be a statement necklace, in subtle colours. It’s not overwhelming; it’s just interesting and chic.
    • The Chinese have always loved the Bi disc, which for them is a symbol of both harmony and longevity. In ancient days, it was often placed in the tomb to give such attributes to the deceased. Later, those same aspects could be passed onto the owner of the Bi disc, whether worn as a pendant or simply collected. This vintage Bi disc in nephrite jade is of a mottled gold, caramel and bunt sugar colouring. Its age is almost impossible to detect, but I do know it is not new. It could, in fact be antique but because I am not certain, I will simply label it as “vintage”. It is 6.5 cm in diameter and 7.6 mm thick.
    • It hangs on 2mm brass beads which feed into a vintage, embossed brass bead (15 mm) from Tibet.
    • Above this, there is an unusual vintage, nephrite bead in an oval shape and patterned markings in russet, cream, coco and occasional glints of gold. It is 20 mm wide and 26.5 mm long.
    • A horizontal bar has been created by a vintage, handmade, West African brass bead, made by the lost wax technique. It is 21.8 mm long and 17 mm wide.
    • This is followed by another vintage bead, again from Tibet, of a quatrefoil shape in brass and inlaid with turquoise and carnelian (26 mm by 20.6 mm and 10.5 mm deep). It has been inlaid on both sides of the bead.
    • Finally, at the top of the band, there is a vintage, handmade, bead (14.5 mm). This is from Afghanistan. It is made of 18K gold on brass on hardened resin. This was a traditional technique, which consisted of taking sheet metal and moulding it over hardened resin, a skill handed down through the craftsmen of Alexander the Great in 330 BC.
    • The various elements hang from a handmade toffee coloured, silk/polyester band. The band’s clasp consists of a jade bead which fits into one of two stretchable silk rings, enabling the wearer to vary the length. My silver label is attached at the ring.
    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.
    • Length 46 cm(18") with a pendant drop of 17.5 cm (7").