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Amazingly, and against all the odds, Spirit of Christmas, London’s beloved, once-a-year, Christmas fair at Olympia will be taking place again. It has been 2 years since we all came together in this glorious preparation for Christmas. We’ve all been through a lot during this time, but slowly, we are hopefully coming through this dark tunnel. It is not a cliche to say this. It is our shared history.

So this is indeed a call for celebration. And I, for one, am very excited to be back. Many will be masked (I certainly will be), double vaxed and trying to maintain social distancing. But Olympia is huge, with high ceilings, open spaces, now wide aisles, and excellent ventilation. Like many stand holders, I have been preparing for months, with new stock and new ideas.

But frankly, it will be such a delight to be able to see old, and of course, new clients in person. And just the buzz of this fair. Spirit of Christmas is a bit like a theatrical performance. What you see when the doors open is only on the surface. An enormous amount of demanding activity has taken place beforehand. All the workers, cleaners, electricians and organisers create the complex backdrop of this fair. And without them, it would all collapse. These are the behind the scene people who give so much thought and care to the running of this demanding week. And then, there are the other stand holders who become like a supportive family. When we begin to do our complex set-ups, there is this lovely camaraderie as we once again greet each other.

For me, it is a joyous, and yes, exhausting experience. It is called "Spirit of Christmas" for a reason. It's not just about shopping and a good day out. The essence of Christmas is love, in all its varied ramifications. Its the precious sense of being together, giving, supporting, laughing, inspiring. Spirit of Christmas is about all of that.

I look enormously forward to seeing you all there. Remember, I am STAND P60, near the stairs in the Grand Hall, and by the aisles…actually, the spot I’ve always inhabited.

So please, all come to celebrate this special fair.

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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I am reminded at this time of year of the fable of The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, when the fox tells him “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

I have been questioning how I can possibly send Holiday Greetings when 2020 has brought such turmoil! I suppose it is my small way of posting an embrace to everyone that reads this blog, like a huge seasonal hug that travels through the miles. I think we all need it.

And because it IS the Christmas Season, whatever your religious beliefs, it is a season that creates a kind of magic. Like the Little Prince discovering that kindness and caring are vital to existence. It is as if the atmosphere gets charged with hope and expectation. The candles get lit, the imagination soars, and suddenly the urge to give, seizes the moment.

But what on earth would lead one to buy an extravagant necklace at this time, 2020, the year none of us will forget? And when would it be worn or where, for heaven’s sake?

Well, all I can say to that is that life will (amazingly) go on. Even in zoom calls, a wonderful necklace is in a prime position to lift the face and add charm and delight. And when all this is over, (and it will be over) that flattering, wonderful necklace can go out into the world and work its magic, not only for the wearer, but with all those who observe it being worn.

So if you should be looking for an unforgettable present for a beloved person this year, or better yet, something to raise your own spirits? Look no further. That very special person will be utterly entranced by one of these necklaces, or even the earrings on this website.

Worried about missing the boat for posting? Relax: I use DHL, which means it will get to you in a few days, safe and sound.

But whichever way you are able to spend this holiday season, like the Little Prince, celebrate the important things with your heart, and look for that joy in unexpected places.

And a peaceful, healthy, joyous Christmas to you all.

Barbara Acton-Bond

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