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Caring for Your Necklace

Every necklace comes with its own colour coordinated silk brocade pouch, made by a Shanghai tailor. The pouch is large enough so that the necklace is protected and is not stuffed into the bag.

The necklaces are strung on very special Japanese thread, using sometimes as many as eight threads per necklace. This thread is both strong and supple and can only be purchased from Asia. Each bead has been hand drilled and sanded to ensure the longevity of the stringing but the necklace must be treated carefully. Stones are vulnerable as are the threads.


The silver used is all sterling silver. But it does tarnish with wear and time. Please use a silver polish cloth designed for enhancing silver, and gently buff the silver elements in the jewellery. But do not use silver polish.



The gold used is either 18ct, 14ct or 9ct. But I also use vermeil, which is 14ct gold over sterling silver or brass or the vintage, Afghan 18ct gold over hardened resin beads. In order to preserve this gold, please avoid contact with perfume, hair spray, liquids or any strong substances. A gold cloth can also be used to gently buff up the gold.



Silk Cord


The silk used is a combination of silk and polyester in order to enable cleaning and strength. If the silk knotted cord should get dirty, take a bit of delicate liquid soap onto a sponge or cloth and gently wipe the cord. Then take a fresh wet cloth and gently remove any soap. Take a towel afterwards and again, gently dampen down any wetness and allow it to dry naturally. Do Not place cord in water to wash.


Stones and Pearls


All the stones are natural and handcrafted. This makes each piece quite unique. Differences and flaws may occur, but that is all part of the interest and character of the elements. Many of the coral are dyed and some stones are heat treated (this is stated in the description).

But all stones require care to maintain longevity, as most can be heat sensitive. It is also strongly advised to keep them away from strong substances, perfumes, hair spray and water.

This is also true of pearls. All the pearls are cultured, natural pearls. They are not artificial. Some are dyed (which I state in my descriptions) others are in their natural colour.

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