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Happy Clients

For me, the creative process is a very personal journey. Every aspect of these necklaces is carefully considered. But my primary concern is how a necklace makes you feel. Comfortable, yes; flattering, certainly. But ultimately, it should be game changer. It should be stunning, occasionally humorous and always a joy to wear.


Whether worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a suit for the office, these necklaces tend to pull a look together and give it a kind of buzz. This is what I’ve tried to achieve, and, according to my clients I have succeeded beyond my hopes. Many clients have related the complements they have received. Others tell me that they never take the necklace off. And there are still others who have a collected a mass of my necklaces because they just love wearing them with different outfits.

And then there are the unforgettable stories clients have related. One told me she wore her necklace on her way to the hospital. Not only was she complemented on her appearance, thus giving her spirits a boost, but she also found enormous comfort in gently touching the jade pendant. Another client told me that the day after she bought her necklace, having been told the story of fruitfulness which that particular jade pendant bestowed, her daughter in law suddenly became pregnant, having tried for years.

The portraits below are just a few of these happy clients.

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