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  • I spotted a necklace I liked on your website, but it is no longer available. Is it possible to order it?"
    Because the pendants and stones are completely unique and varied, I cannot duplicate a necklace. This is why my necklaces are described as being a one-off piece. However, it is possible I can re-create something similar, on a special order, using the same colourway and rhythmic flow of the necklace. And it is feasible that I might even have more of the same beads or stones. But it is not possible that the pendant will be the same. If interested, contact
  • How long would a specialy ordered necklace take?
    As the necklaces are all handmade by me in London, commissions can take up to twelve weeks to be completed. I work with clients over email, with photos and measurements.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For online purchases made on this website payment can be made using either PayPal or Wix Payments who accept most major credit and debit cards. If you would like to pay by other methods such as bank transfer please contact us directly via email at If your payment method is accepted we will reserve the item(s) for you for a maximum of 7 days until the required funds have cleared and then dispatch your item(s) promptly. If no cleared payment is received within 7 days we will release the item(s) in question and offer them for sale again on our site.
  • Am I required to sign for the parcel?
    Due to the high value of the jewellery, we require proof of delivery for every order. This means we are unable to authorise packages to be delivered without a signature. Please ensure that you are at the assigned address to receive and sign for the package.
  • If I change my mind can I return the item?
    I will accept a returned item under certain conditions. Please see further information here
  • What materials do you use?
    Yoiu can see a list of some of the materials that I use on this page.
  • What is the symbolism of your pendant choices?
    You can read about symbolism here.
  • When is your next collection coming?
    I am planning a new collection for autumn 2020 so check back here around October or better still join my mailing list and you will be notified when the collection is launched.
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