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Client Reviews

Reviews, when genuine, give the online buyer an idea of customers who are actually satisfied with their purchase.  These reviews I have added here are indeed genuine.  But this is the first time I’ve added them, something I should have done ages ago.  Unfortunately I am only now beginning to collect some of the lovely responses I have had.  So many have been verbal, others have been long emails of appreciation, but these are just a few I have managed to save.

"I have bought two necklaces from Barbara for my wife. One hints at the Baroque, cascading pinkish golden pearls, with a beautiful Chinese bi disc as central pendant; the other is modernist, with wonderful grey quartz cubes. They completely contrast, yet they are both distinctly Acton-Bond. And they are both stunning.  My wife is always complimented on them. Barbara is a real artist, and the individuality and originality of her pieces adds to their charm and allure. I sometimes find myself just browsing her website because her creations are so lovely."

David from the University of Nottingham.

"Love my beautiful necklace and thank you Barbara for being so kind!"


"Another WOW! necklace. Thank you for the descriptions of the various pieces from around the world that fit so well with the amber. I highly recommend this shop!"


"My first piece of jewelry designed by Barbara Acton-Bond...I absolutely Love it and wear it often. Do not hesitate buying from her....Very reliable Seller. She is a very talented jewelry designer."


"This is the fourth necklace I have purchased from Barbara. A very respected, reliable Seller from London. She creates her own jewelry. OMG, this piece is a slice of Heaven. She is my designer 'Across The Pond'  We are such good friends now. I just love her. She is so talented"


"Absolutely gorgeous necklace...I am so in love with this piece. This is the third necklace I have purchased from Barbara...I just purchased a 4th today."


"This necklace is my 7th gorgeous creation from Barbara. It is stunning. It is a an authentic Zuni pendant. I will wear it over and over again.Thank-you Barbara."

Love...Jess from Connecticut

"I was in London for the annual Christmas Fair where Barbara displays her fabulous jewelry.  I saw so many GORGEOUS necklaces, I honestly could not decide which one to buy.  And, to make matters worse, I had a plane to catch.  So, reluctantly I left without one of these beautiful, one of a kind creations and I deeply regret it. With Barbara’s creations, you can always find something you love!”

"My fabulous necklace I have worn  for so many events! " Claire

"I love Barbara’s necklaces - each piece is out of the ordinary and unique, and can instantly transform an everyday outfit. I often get compliments when wearing her jewellery. But for me the main appeal is wearing something that has a story to tell, and she usually mixes vintage beads or stones with new ones, which give her necklaces greater depth, and makes them heirloom pieces.  She also has a joyous way  with colour , which gives her jewellery warmth and vibrancy.   An added bonus is that Barbara herself  is so lovely  and takes great pride and joy in her workmanship;  it  has been a pleasure being her customer over the years."

Susanne, London

"I am absolutely delighted with my first purchase from Barbara’s beautiful collection. I just love the different beads, the colours and the attention to detail. This will not be my last purchase I will definitely be back for more, quite stunning!!!”


"I bought a necklace from Barbara for my daughter at Christmas, she loves it, so I had to have one. It is very lovely and everything about it tells a story. It will be used both winter and summer."


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