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Welcome to My New Website

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I was frankly quite content with my previous website. But because my host provider had to be changed, most everything from that site had to be changed as well. This has been a major overhaul. A huge amount of work, involving photography, copy, research and planning. But I am relieved to say, it has all been worth the effort, and I hope you feel it has been, as well.

Actually, I’m rather delighted with the results. It is more visual, helpful, informative and interesting. After six weeks of non-stop labour, I am quite excited to present to you this new, Barbara Acton-Bond website.

However, (and I hope this doesn’t read like an Academy Awards thank you speech) I have to thank my web manager, John Gaunt, of The IT Workshop, who worked tirelessly and patiently to guide me, inspire me and alert me when things were not up to snuff. While I did the photography and the copy, and explained what I wanted to create, it was John who put it all together. With such good humour and knowledge, I have learned a great deal from John. Credit, where credit is due, and this is certainly due to John.

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