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Amazing Antique Turquoise Disc Necklace with Silver & Carved Wood Dragons

SKU: 1855
    • Substantial antique turquoise Chinese Bi disc (6 cm across x 7 mm deep); Symbol of harmony and longevity
    • Attached by turquoise (3 mm) beads
    • Handmade, Fair Trade silver beads ( 22mm) and toggle clasp, made by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand
    • Softly coloured chrysocolla polished stones (21 mm x 3 cm)
    • Hand carved, signed boxwood ojime of dragons, with inlaid horn eyes, prancing across the ojime bead: Dragons are an emblem of the Emperor, his playfulness and power and the universal source of energy, or “Chi”
    • Ojime were carved, decorative toggles used by the Japanese to support their Inro, or box-like purse for men; These mice are not old pieces; But they were made by a master carver in China, who’s wife I have known and purchased from for years
    • The ojimi is a cord fastener, originally for the Japanese man to hold his inro (small box or purse)
    • Traditionally knotted silk/polyester cord using the traditional Chinese “flat” and “button” knots
    • Vermeil toggle clasp both easy to use and secure; my silver name label is attached at the clasp
    • Length 44.5 cm with 6 cm pendant drop


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