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Antique Celtic Silver on Carnelian & Labradorite Necklace

SKU: 1843
    • This antique Victorian Celtic pendant, inlaid with various natural agates, is full of detail in the silver. On one side, there is the buckle, a typical Scottish element. On the inside rim, there is a tiny beading design. While the outside has bullet points. The ring has been inlaid with natural Scottish agates, including a tiger’s eye and a carnelian. At 1 inch in diameter and 3mm in depth, the pendant was once, in fact a small brooch, which I had altered to remove these features so that it could become a pendant. It hangs on 3 mm carnelian beads.
    • The necklace itself consists of brushed sterling silver lanterns (8.5 mm) from India, faceted cylinders of natural carnelian (8 mm), and faceted cylinders of natural labradorite (9 mm), and natural chrysoprase discs (8mm).
    • Handmade, etched, fair trade silver beads (8 mm) made by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand are interspersed throughout.
    • Karen hill tribe Fair Trade silver is nearly 98% pure silver. I mostly choose to use their silver because each piece is like a miniature bit of sculpture, individually crafted and created. I know that artisans in Northern Thailand produce this unique silversmithing in small villages, involving whole families in the process. Their work is fairly paid, and as a result, their beads are much more expensive. But a family is supported and wonderful beads and jewellery are produced in high quality silver.
    • I have used a Karen hill tribe silver toggle clasp, crafted by two twisted lines of silver. Toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp.
    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with it's own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by the Shanghai tailor.
    • The necklace is 19 inches long with an inch pendant drop.


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