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Long Grey Silk Chain Hosts an Array of Antique Grey Jades

SKU: 2223
    • The handmade grey silk/polyester chain hosts a range of antique Chinese elements.


    • But the prime piece is the jade disc, a mixture of grey, black, celadon and brown.  On this antique, jade Bi disc, presides an active dragon, slithering on the surface of the disc.  The finely carved dragon has been created from the brown tones of the jade stone. The clever artisan has made full use of this brown, so that the dragon can stand out. The disc measures 2” in diameter (5cm) and is 14mm deep.


    • The dragon is a symbol of the Emperor, his power and his status.  But it also signifies the universal source of energy, known in Chinese as “Chi”.  The dragon glides on top of the Bi Disc, in its warm, mottled colouring.  The Bi disc itself, is an emblem for harmony and longevity.


    • An antique mottled grey jade cylinder bead (21mm) sits under an antique silver-on-hardened resin bead from Afghanistan.  This silver bead is the result of the Afghan traditional, time-consuming technique of a type of silver making.


    • Sitting horizontally, is a perforated, grey, Burma jade, cylinder (15mm), and lastly, a grey Burma jade bead (9mm).


    • All the elements are spaced with silver beads.


    • The fine silk chain hosts my silver name label.


    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.


    • The necklace measurers measures from top to bottom of the chain, 15” (38cm), with the added other elements, the necklace is 19 ½” long (50cm)