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Victorian Silver Boot & Jade, Grace Long Black Silk Chain

SKU: 2222
    • The handmade black silk/polyester chain carries quite a number of elements on this necklace, and each piece is as interesting as the next. All the pieces are antique.


    • I have to start with this fetching, antique, Victorian, circa 1890, sterling silver lady’s boot. It is full of detail, with its button hooks, the shape of the heal, sole and toe, as well the indented shape of the top of boot: it is all there.  It is 1 ½” long. Although the photo makes the silver look marked, it is indeed sterling silver and in person, it shines elegantly.


    • Above the boot, and at the top of the necklace, sit a pair of antique mosaic glass beads.  These two antique black and red, mat glass beads (19 mm) are from Indonesia in the 19th century.


    • But their inspiration came from ancient Jatim beads, which were produced in Java in the first millennium AD. Extensive trade between the east and west, took hold, with these beads as part of the exchange. Roman mosaic beads were a strong influence for their designs. Jatim beads have a thin layer of cane slices over a monochrome core. Rainbow colouring became a staple design.


    • Finally, in between the two Indonesian beads, hangs an amazing bit of carving. It is a vintage piece of white jade which has been carved into three interlocking rings.  They are completely intertwined and carved from one piece of jade. Each ring has also been incised to resemble ropes. But the important symbolism here is that of unbreakable harmony, because the discs, called Bi, are an emblem of harmony. Being solidly linked as a chain, the harmony cannot be broken. It is 1 ½” (4cm) long.


    • The fine silk/polyester chain hosts my silver name label.


    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.


    • The necklace measurers measures from top to         bottom of the chain, 15” (38cm), with the added other elements, the necklace is 20” long (51cm)