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Double Strand Pearl Necklace with Antique Chinese Blue Enamel Pendant

SKU: 1946
    • Exquisite, antique (circa 1900) Chinese enamel on export silver Butterfly pendant, (3 cm wide and 2.5 cm long) in kingfisher blue, with a pearl drop
    • Originally from a Chinese court necklace
    • The butterfly signifies love, and marital joy in particular. It also is an emblem long life, prosperity and happiness; a good creature to have near one
    • Double strand necklace of cultured (very) baroque freshwater pearls. One strand 3 mm pearls; Second strand 5mm pearls
    • Two, brushed silver octagonal beads (7.7 mm)
    • Silver toggle clasp
    • Length 48.5 cm (19") with a 22 mm (1") pendant drop