Dramatic Red Coral & Silver Necklace with Black Carved Jade Shell

SKU: 1717
    • Antique black nephrite jade carved conch shell (6 cm long), an emblem of communication because Buddha was said to have used one to spread his beliefs
    • Bamboo coral, carved rough, and sliced cylinders
    • Coral is a symbol of longevity and advancement
    • Carved black lacquer beads with long life and double happiness characters
    • Handmade Fairtrade hammered silver by the Karen hill tribes in Thailand, including the clasp
    • Hand knotted silk/polyester cord using traditional Chinese button and flat knots
    • It was originally a toggle because there are two holes at the back where a cord would be threaded through
    • Carved bamboo coral melon bead, 9.5 mm
    • Large bamboo coral bead at 26.5 mm 18.8mm
    • Karen hill tribe silver beads
    • Length 47cm (18 1/2") with 6cm (2 1/2") pendant drop