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Elegance Personified in Necklace of Bee Carved in Horn in 19th Century France

SKU: 2159
    • The endangered honeybee is an intelligent, diligent creature. The more we learn of its abilities and activity, the more we understand how precious the bee is. It can be taught directions, to count to 5 and even recognize human faces. It has been said to represent the wise use of nature rather than just the exploitation of it. And it also illustrates the application of selfless industry and communication by a community. But of course the sacred product of its hard work is delectable honey, for the honeybee and for us. And above all, it pollinates all those lovely flowers we want and need to continue.

    • This antique horn bee is the creation of a fine French craftsman from the late 19th century, or possibly the turn of the century, circa 1905. It was originally a brooch. But it now presents itself more effectively as a pendant, fluttering at the centre of this necklace. It has been finely carved, bringing the bee to life. It measures 5cm (2”) across and 2.5cm (1”) high.

    • The bee is attached by antique 18ct gold beads (7mm) from Afghanistan.

    • Throughout the necklace, vintage, gold Afghan beads (15mm) punctuate the necklace. These are handmade beads, created using 18ct gold on silver on hardened resin, a traditional technique learned from the craftsmen who came to Afghanistan in 330 BC with Alexander the Great.

    • Caramel colour horn beads (13mm) repeat the horn material, while larger agate beads (20mm) echo the caramel tones.

    • To lighten and enliven the honey colours, creamy, faceted crystal nuggets (17mm x 22mm) alternate between the other elements.

    • A 14ct gold vermeil toggle clasp has been used because toggle clasps are easy to use and secure. My silver name label is attached at the clasp.

    • The necklaces come, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

    • The necklace is 46cm (18”) long with a 2.5cm (1”) pendant drop.


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