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Exotic Large Tan Jade Dragon on Black Silk Chain

SKU: 1980
    • Dramatic, antique, calcified nephrite jade dragon, measuring 10 cm by 7.5 cm by 4 mm deep;
    • Lively depiction of a dragon, whose tail has curled up underneath its body; Despite looking a bit fierce, it also appears rather humorous; The dragon always symbolizes the Emperor, his power and his playfulness; It also signifies what is known as “Chi” which is the universal source of energy;
    • Dragon hangs on 3 mm beads of picture jasper;
    • (Now) rare, vintage, 18 ct gold on hardened resin melon bead (13.5 mm), made in Afghanistan in the traditional way, using their ancient techniques, learned from Alexander the Great's craftsmen;
    • A good-sized (24.5mm) antique, apple green, Burma jadeite bead carved with the “shou” character, which means long life;
    • Black silk/polyester handmade chain with vermeil toggle clasp;
    • Length 48 cm


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