Green Jade Small Disc with Necklace of Crystal & Labradorite

SKU: 1953
    • Green carved Burma jadeite disc (24 mm across x 9 mm deep); This is known to the Chinese as a Bi disc, an emblem of harmony and long life;
    • Labradorite disc (11 mm);
    • Rock crystal faceted bullets (20 mm x 8.5 mm);
    • Heat-treated apple green aventurine beads inset with gold plated dragons (10 mm);
    • Dragons, are a symbol of the Emperor, his power and playfulness, as well as the universal source of energy, referred to as “Chi”;
    • Rare, vintage, handmade and embossed traditional Afghan beads (8 mm), using their special and ancient techniques of placing 18 ct gold, over silver, over hardened resin;
    • Vermeil toggle clasp;
    • Length 46 cm(18)