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Head Turning Aquamarine Necklace & Antique Gold Afghan Crescent

SKU: 1614
    • At the centre of this exquisite necklace of luminous aquamarine is a rather special and rare pendant. But before I describe the craftsmanship and the material used, I need to relay the endearing story attached to this design. On either end of the crescent are the heads and torsos of two shepherds. They have been made in the shape of a crescent moon. This is because it is their tribute to the moon for shedding its light over the fields to guide the shepherds and protect their sheep throughout the night. It is sort of a thank you pendant. The pendant is 2 inches across (5 cm) and the crescent at its widest is 1 inch (2.5 cm).
    • This vintage, traditionally crafted crescent pendant was made in Afghanistan. I describe this as vintage because it is difficult to put an exact age. Whether it is 50 years or 200 years old, no one has been able to say. But I know it is not new and is indeed a rare piece. It is made of 18K gold on hardened resin, as are the vintage, now rare, 18K gold beads (13 mm) and (7mm). The Afghani have been crafting gold for centuries. When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan in 330 BC, his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold. Like the Romans, centuries later, a yellow, 18K gold was used. But one of their techniques was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it accordingly.
    • And that is how this vintage Afghan gold pendant and the beads have been made For me, this handiwork and the yellow gold colour gives the necklace warmth and character and complements the gems.
    • The lustrous, wonderfully blue aquamarine is faceted and made in a cylindrical shape. The sizes vary, from 13 mm x 18 mm to 7 mm x 11 mm.
    • The clasp is a 14K gold toggle clasp. I prefer using toggle clasps because they are easy to use and quite secure.
    • The necklace is 18 1/2 inches long (47 cm)


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