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Long Blue Silk Chain with Jade Dragon Pendant, Gold & Glass

SKU: 2073
    • A vintage carved white jade pendant of two interlocked dragons forms the centre piece of this necklace. The two dragons are coiled into shapes that recalls a Medieval letter in a manuscript. It is carved through on both sides and is full of detail. The dragon is important in Chinese culture, symbolizing the Emperor and his power and playfulness. But it also stands for the universal source of energy, known as “Chi”. Two dragons usually signify the Emperor and his son, a nod to the importance of the dynasty. The pendant is 2 inches across (5 cm) and 7 mm deep.
    • There are three, vintage, handmade 18 CT gold on silver on hardened resin beads (13mm and 9 mm). These are traditionally made beads from Afghanistan, using techniques learned from the time when Alexander the Great’s craftsmen came to Afghanistan in 330 BC.
    • An antique, faceted cerulean blue glass bead from the Czech Republic (22 mm x 12 mm) and a burgundy glass bead from India (13 mm) enrich the design.
    • And plunk in the middle of the elements, is a white (with a tinge of green) jadeite rabbit (22 mm).
    • The elements all hang on a handmade, cerulean blue, silk/polyester chain, with my silver label attached.
    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.
    • The necklace measurers 48 cm (19") long including a 12.5 cm (5") pendant drop