Rich Tan Jade Dragon Disc on Lime Peridot, Brass & Carnelian Necklace

SKU: 1826
    • Vintage rust toned jade Bi disc (6.6cm across x 14 mm deep)), symbol of harmony, carved with a vigorous dragon chasing a deer.
    • The dragon is an emblem of the Emperor and his power and the deer is a symbol for long life as it is the only creature able to find the sacred fungi for longevity. By chasing the deer, the Emperor hopes to seize long life
    • Attached by peridot and carnelian beads (23 mm)
    • Antique celadon carved jade bead (23 mm)
    • Honey toned carnelian bead
    • Rough cut faceted peridot discs Carved brass from Tibet (24.5 mm)
    • Hand carved basket weave bone beads (20 mm)
    • Vintage carved carnelian beads (20 mm)
    • Lime coloured quartz
    • Traditionally knotted silk/polyester cord using the flat and button knots
    • Length 44 cm (17 1/4") with 7 cm (3") pendant drop