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Show Stopper Necklace of Antique Jades and Silver on Long Grey Silk Chain

SKU: 2175
    • For those who love long necklaces, this one fits the bill, not only with its length but its uniqueness.

    • The handmade grey silk/polyester chain hosts a range of antique Chinese elements.

    • There are two antique nephrite carved jade beads(17mm) which flank the antique nephrite jade sword slide, 6cm (2.25”) by 2.5cm (1”) wide by 18mm deep.

    • The sword slide is deeply carved with a dragon, the symbol of the Emperor, his power and prestige, as well the universal source of energy, known as “Chi”. Chinese sword slides were created so that the blade of a sword could glide through the slide and separate the blade from the sword’s handle. It is doubtful that this one was actually used this way, but they are highly collected items.

    • At the bottom of the necklace hangs an antique Miao silver pendant of a bat, a symbol of long life. Two bells hang from the pendant to ward off any danger. The pendant is 2.5cm long (1”) and 3.5 cm (1.5”) wide. The chains with the bells hang down 4 cm (1.75”).

    • The necklace comes, like all my necklaces, with its own colour co-ordinated silk brocaded pouch bag, made by a Shanghai tailor.

    • The necklace, on which my silver label is attached, measures 59cm (23”) long from one end of the chain to the bottom of the necklace bells.


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