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Statement Multi-Strand Necklace of Antique Tan Jades, Bone, Brass & Amber

SKU: 1969
  • Four strand statement necklace of natural, varied elements in neutral colours and full of interest;

    As size and elements vary hugely, I shall omit measurements;


    • Seed-pods in gold and russet tones, with antique carved bone cylinder;

    STRAND THREE: Much more complex;

    • 14 carved bone cylinders punctuate the beads
    • Synthetic amber bead, chosen for the colour
    • Antique, 18th century honey coloured, striated agate cylinder from Afghanistan
    • Wonderful amber piece with a glow of cognac
    • Carved wood bead from India
    • Mottled, honey agate bead
    • Extraordinary, woven straw cylinder, from China
    • Antique nephrite jade in celadon with russet veins
    • Carved resin bead, chosen for interest and colour
    • Antique, calcified, nephrite jade
    • Vintage, handmade brass cylinder from West Africa, made by using the lost wax technique
    • Striped, russet wood cylinder
    • A carved wood bead with a dragon

    STRAND TWO: This is also complex

    • Three butterscotch agate beads
    • Three bone cylinder beads
    • Antique, etched, tan nephrite beads
    • Vintage Venetian glass cylinder
    • Knobbly seed pod
    • Honey jasper rectangle
    • Vintage brass bead from West Africa, using their lost wax technique
    • Two honey toned agate cubes
    • Landscape jasper bead
    • Antique nephrite jade cylinder in a linen tone
    • Seed-pod from the bodhi tree under which Buddha was to have sat
    • Golden amber in rich tones
    • Carved russet wood
    • Antique nephrite jade barrel in cream and marbleized colours
    • Carved bone rabbit, about to leap
    • Antique, 18th century striated cream agate cylinder from Afghanistan
    • Antique, golden nephrite jade bead, carved in a bamboo shape
    • Slim yellow opal bead

    TOP STRAND; Elements are repeated but there are some different, special pieces.

    • Delightful carved bone turtle crawling along the strand
    • Celadon Jadeite open work carved ball
    • Two carved bone basket weave beads
    • Antique carved tan jade barrel
    • Horn bead
    • Antique tan, nephrite jade cylinder
    • Tibetan worked agate bead
    • Bone, etched Mahjong counter


    • All strands feed into vintage, etched, handmade beads (14.5 mm) from Afghanistan, made of 18 ct gold on silver on hardened resin;
    • Vermeil toggle clasp; Toggle clasps are easy to use and secure; My silver name label is attached at the clasp;
    • Length 46 cm (18") and 7 cm wide;