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Superb Lapis, Jade & Pearl Necklace with Rich, Antique Gold Pendant

SKU: 1949
    • Delightful antique Victorian, 9 ct gold target locket, circa 1880 (35.1 mm x 28.4 mm); The front of the locket is full of rich details in the design, while the back is plain, with its glass locket still securely intact;
    • Lapis cylinders (15.8 mm x 11 mm);
    • Carved lapis beads (10.3 mm);
    • Burma jadeite cylinders in apple green (10.7 mm x 13 mm);
    • Cultured baroque, freshwater pearls in a button shape (8.6 mm);
    • Rare, vintage, 18 ct gold melon beads (13.4 mm), made in Afghanistan;
    • The Afghani have been crafting gold for centuries When Alexander the Great came to Afghanistan in 330 B.C. his people brought many skills, one of which was working in gold; Like the Romans, centuries later, a yellow, 18 ct gold was used. But one of their techniques was to take sheet gold and work it onto hardened resin and then decorate it accordingly; This handiwork and the yellow gold colour give the necklace warmth and character and complements the gems;
    • 14 ct gold clasp;
    • Length 43 cm (17")  with 2.8 cm (1 1/4") pendant drop